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Fresh Produce

Nutrition Program

Trying to eat healthier? Having trouble accessing nutritious, yummy foods? Not sure how to make vegetables taste good?

Our 3-part nutrition program is aimed at increasing the accessibility of fresh vegetables and nutritious food options! The items below are available at the Women's Health Table at Sun River Health in the Family Partnership Center and 75 Washington St in Poughkeepsie.

Women's Health (Nutrition) 


Pick up a nutrition package full of useful kitchen utensils, easy recipes, and spices to cook up an amazing meal! You can grab one at our Women's Health Table.

Each package also contains a monthly "Common-Sense Prescription" with healthy tips and local resources

(linked below).

Nutrition Classes

Join Cornell Cooperative Extension on Zoom for tips on how to eat healthier and stay active!

The discussions center around accessing healthy foods, recipes for healthy meals, cooking tips, and understanding nutrition information.

*Classes are currently on hold. To be updated on new classes, contact us here.

Recipe Books

Healthy food should taste good! Check out our new

Recipe E-book (linked below)! Full of yummy dishes that use WIC-eligible ingredients. Many recipes are also diabetic-friendly! The book also includes tips on making the most of your WIC and SNAP budget, instructions on how to read a nutrition label and local food shopping resources.

Available in English and Spanish!

Tasty Videos Featuring Recipes From our Nutrition Recipe Book

Any Questions? Contact us here

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