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  • Bridgetlee Goldstein

A Lucky Delivery!

When I was pregnant with my first child I had this idea of what my birth would look like. My water would break, I'd go to the hospital and in no time, with no medication I'd deliver my baby. Around 12:35 am I woke up to feeling like I needed to pee, it was my water breaking! I felt great and had no contractions so I took my time getting ready and going to the hospital. We stood around waiting for a while in triage before I asked a nurse if I could go to the bathroom. She said they needed to check me first. The doctor came and checked me and said I didn't need the bathroom and that it was baby time! She told me to "hold on" because you can't deliver in triage! There was no time for medication or an epidural and at 5:19 am my daughter was born. I got very lucky for such a fast and easy delivery for a first labor (and second!). A lot of first labors can last much, much longer. I couldn't believe it happened exactly how I had hoped it would!

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